Monkey Business Playground & Cafe

Hours Of UNLIMITED Fun For The Whole Family

Conditions of Entry

Monkey Business Playground & Cafe is dedicated to ensuring that EVERYONE can enjoy the experience and have fun.  

In support of this goal we STRICTLY enforce the following conditions of entry:

* Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children AT ALL TIMES. 

* Children are NOT to be left unattended in the centre, we are not a child minding service.

* No commercially prepared food is to be brought into the centre.

Socks must be worn at all times, including by adults if they are on the equipment or matting.

* Monkey Business Playground & Cafe does not accept liability for any loss of personal effects and/or injuries sustained.

* NO sharp objects are permitted on the play equipment at ANY time.

* No food or drinks are permitted on the play equipment.

* Children who are not toilet trained MUST wear nappies AT ALL TIMES.


* NO ROUGH PLAY - children who management deem to be  playing too roughly will be asked to leave the equipment.

* Children who appear unwell will be asked to return on another day.

Monkey Business Playground & Cafe reserves the right to eject patrons if:

* They or their children exhibit aggressive behaviour towards others.
* Patron's conduct & behaviour is inappropriate.
* Patrons display threatening behaviour towards staff and/or other patrons.
* If your child shows signs of being unwell.
* Patrons commit any violations of the conditions of entry.

We take the health & safety of our customers very seriously, our equipment including ball pit is cleaned daily with food grade sanatiser.  We respectfully request if your child is unwell that you keep them home till they are feeling better.  We are mums too and understand how hard it is sometimes, but in the interest of not spreading germs please be mindful of bringing sick children to our centre.   Thank You.